Thursday, February 7, 2008

weird Star Wars-inspired hovering chair coming

Star Wars-inspired hovering chair coming

Luke I need a chair

Star Wars-inspired hovering chair coming
LONDON (UPI) -- The Lounger, a hovering chair inspired by the land speeders from the "Star Wars" science fiction movies, is set to go on sale in Britain in March.

The furniture hovers above the ground using three strong magnets to give a feeling of weightlessness, the Sunday Times of London reported.

Keith Dixon, 40, of Middleton said he has already gotten response about his invention from around the world.

"Sitting on it is an incredible sensation," he said. "You are defying gravity."

The chair is comprised of a base and a see-through acrylic seat all with magnets repelling each other, forcing the seat to float up to 14 inches above the base. A pair of connecting rods stops the seat shooting off sideways but allows it to move up and down.

"The lounger moves when you sit down, but then it finds its own level," said Dixon, adding that it can hold up to 266 pounds.

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