Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 Effing Awesome Movies - Overlooked and Forgotten by critics and veiwers

Yeah, don't expect any movies that are critically and universally loved. Some of these may be bad movies, but I love them. So yeah, 10 fucking awesome, yet unfortunately overlooked movies.

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10. Street Fighter

Yes, the awful movie based on the plotless Capcom fighting game. This is such a ****ty movie, there's no denying that, but this has turned into one of my favorite "so bad it's funny as hell" films. This is far and away one of my favorite movies to watch drunk. It has me roaring every time I watch it. It has Van Damme playing an American general for Christ's sake! Yeah, I really don't have much to defend in this movie. It's awful, but combined with Raul Julia's incredible over-the-top performance and his ridiculously stupid and ridiculous lines of dialogue make this one of my favorite guiltiest pleasures. It's ridiculously stupid and equally awesome.

9. Not Another Teen Movie

Sure, it was only made because Scary Movie so damn popular and such a box office success, but of all the "BlahBlahBlah Movie" films, this one is the best. Why? It has many subtle, humorous references hidden under the blatantly obvious teen movie gags that flood the film. Also, it's fucking hilarious. When it comes to the subtle references, they include:

-Anthony Michael Cafeteria Hall
-A "Save Ferris" banner in the cafeteria
-A piece of bologna falling off the library ceiling
-"Who would've thought that everyone in our school would be a professional dancer?"
-"I don't know" written on the top right corner of a classroom chalkboard
-The fact that the homecoming football game and the Prom occur within a few days of each other

On top of these, this film is one of those rare examples of gross-out and stupid humor done right. Some will obviously disagree, but I think this is the only good "WhoGivesAShit Movie" that was actually any good. It was right on the money with its parodies.

8. Baseketball

David Zucker's last good directorial effort is also the only mainstream film to star South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This hilarious film is insanely quotable ("No more Steve Perry psychouts") and shows that Parker and Stone have an incredibly likable chemistry and strong charisma that outdoes most of the leading "comedians" starring in Hollywood comedies today. This was obviously a highly-improvised film, and with three comedic geniuses (Zucker, Parker, Stone) taking center stage to put this together, that is absolutely not a problem. This is a hilarious, very quotable, and incredibly rewatchable film that never gets old when you're in the mood for something defeaningly stupid.

7. Galaxy Quest

Yeah, it's incredibly well-liked in the RT universe, but this film can into theatres and has unfortunately been fairly forgotten. Not by me. This love letter (or visual thrashing) of Star Trek/Star Wars fans is a hilarious film that, like some of the previous films, is incredibly quotable ("Miners, not minors!"), the cast is simply incredible (especially Tony Shaloub and Sam Rockwell), and there isn't a bad moment in the entire film. I watch this with my friends at school quite often. It's fucking hilarious.

6. The Rundown

Remember when The Rock was supposed to be the next huge action star in America? Remember when this was the movie that was supposed to put him there (complete with Ahnold passing the torch in the first scene of the movie)? I do. I saw this back in theatres, and then, I thought it fucking rocked. I saw it again a few weeks ago, and my opinion hasn't changed: it fucking rocks. The film still marks the badassery highs for Dwayne Johnson and Peter Berg, as this movie is one hell of adventure film with some fantastic fight choreography and great performances by Johnson and the great Christopher Walken.

Also, The Rock gets the shit beat out of him by little people. That's enough to get a spot on this ever-exclusive list.

5. Slither

It's a big budget Troma film. Well, not officially, but director James Gunn worked on films like The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke'm High, so you get the idea. This film is disgusting, filled with mediocre CGI, and combines God knows how many different films from the horror genre into one. With all of those quips out of the way, let me say that this movie was fucking awesome. The entire cast, especially Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks, understand how to act in a cheap B-horror movie. As far as B-horror movies go, this is super writing on the part of Gunn, and the actors know exactly the kind of tone he was going for and play their roles exceptionally well. The best part about the film is not its thrills and chills, but how fucking hilarious it is. As the film progresses, it gets more and more ridiculous, which only adds to the fun. On top of that, the dialogue has many funny one-liners. This unfortunately bombed at the box office (its appeal really wasn't that wide and was marketed horribly). It doesn't matter though. This is an insanely rewatchable horror/comedy with one of the better casts in the genre in recent years.

4. The Emperor's New Groove

Yes, a Disney animated non-musical in its dying days of tradtional hand drawn animation. Who cares though, it had a fantastic voice cast and was far more clever than it had any right to be. The material is solid, the actors all has good chemistry together and do their jobs wells, and the writing is top-notch. However, there is one component that makes this film truly great, and that is Patrick Warburton as Krunk. He's awesome. He plays the innocent henchman perfectly, has far and away the best lines in the film, and has the best delivery by an actor in an animated film in years (yes, even over most Pixar voice roles). This was the last great pure Disney animated film.

3. Serenity

I have never seen Firefly. I knew nothing of the universe Joss Whedon created prior to seeing this movie in theatres. The moment Captain Malcolm Reynolds showed up onscreen, I knew I was in for something great. This film is an absolute blast, and is far and away the best science fiction film of the 2000's. Despite its moderate budget, the special effects and models are top notch, which is surprise considering the $100+ million devoted to the computer game known as Revenge of the Sith. However, the main difference between the two 2005 space adventures is the fact that the dialogue, acting, and characters are damn near perfect in Whedon's film. I have never had so much fun in a science fiction space adventure since Return of the Jedi. It isn't in my top 20 or anything, but this film puts me in an excellent mood. Nathan Fillion, you're awesome, and if people don't start to recognize your awesome talent, there will be blood.

2. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is the third R rated Judd Apatow production of 2007, and it was the most criminally underseen of them all. Despite its awful marketing campaign and piss poor release date, it was the perfect combination of spot-on satire, stupid gags, and brilliant writing. Without these three components, there is no chance this parody of the music biopic would have worked. What holds everything together is the dead-on performance as John C. Reilly as the title character, and he actually, somehow gives a better performance than the incredibly overrated performance by Jamie Foxx in Ray and the awful Johnny Cash imitation by Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line. He sings in many different styles to represent the many different eras of music, and he succeeds in all of them. The songs are surprisingly well written, and it is a shame that none of them were taken into consideration for the Oscar season. "Beautiful Ride" and "Walk Hard" were better than the shit nominated from Enchanted and August Rush. This film is brilliant. I hate people for not seeing it.

1. Heavyweights

Ben Stiller's best performance. Disney's best older kids comedy. One fantastic quote after another. I fucking love this movie, and I refuse to let it go down as one of the many Disney live-action comedies meant as a filler between the animated stuff in the 90's. I mean, as a kid, how could you not love it. If you loved it as a kid, how can you still not love it now? It was far and away the best Disney live-action comedy of the 90's, and I still put it over their live-action blockbusters today like Narnia and Pirates. I watch this film probably 3 tiems a year at least, and my friends and I often quote this film to no end ("But the villian...seemed a bit...over-the-top!"). This movie consumed my childhood, and I still laugh out loud today. It's got a great cast of kids, the adults all do their jobs, and Ben Stiller is just insanely evil and awesome as Tony Perkis. Fuck, I love this movie.


wong_java said...

hi i like basketaball. i think it's no 1 funniest in my mind

LOLIV said...

Serenity's like, the best movie everr.

Hahah, I feel like a nerd. :]

LOLIV said...

Serenity's like, the best movie everr.

Hahah, I feel like a nerd. :]

LOLIV said...

Serenity's like, the best movie everr.

Hahah, I feel like a nerd. :]

LOLIV said...

Serenity's like, the best movie everr.

Hahah, I feel like a nerd. :]

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executive gifts said...

watched slither and it's actually a suspense movie, not a horror one. Quite liked the twist but yes I do agree, it's something that's forgotten. i gotta watch it's sequel if ever though.