Monday, January 7, 2008

The First ever Porsche phone

Porsche P9521

(Expected Out now, but a 3G version available Spring 2008 - Forecasted Sim free price £900)

porsche-p9521 pics and specs

The First ever Porsche phone was unveiled a while ago featuring a finger print sensor, 3.2MP camera, swivel screen and GSM and EDGE connectivity. All that is by the by though because at the end of the day because you’d only buy this phone if you were completely mad about Porsche, and if you were you probably wouldn’t care too much about anything other than the shiny logo on it. It looks pretty smart, but we’re talking serious money for an average phone, and by serious I mean S E R I O U S money. $18,000-20,000 estimated cost

Why you want it - Because you’re nuts about Porsche

Why you don’t want it - Because you’re sensible, and could buy several better phones for the same money.

Porsche has also entered into the mobile market by with its French partner Sagem unveiling its new range of mobile phones P9521 in the market. This is a stylish and sleek designed flip phone featuring a finger print sensor. P9521 is also teamed up with a 3.2Mega pixel camera and swivel screen and GSM and EDGE connectivity. In addition to all this it is also supported by a multimedia player. This sizzling handset will be available to the users this autumn. Though we can say anything about its future in the market but one can owe this handset at a price of 1,200 Euro.


khayce said...

a Porsche mobile phone?! hmm,, i bet it's a little expensive.