Friday, January 4, 2008

Gadgets Of Cody Banks

Gadgets Of Cody Banks

Destination London gives a variety of new gadgets. Most of them are given to Cody in the secret area in the London Crypt by their insane inventor.

  • Mentos- The Mentos featured a "lick n' stick" activation sequence. Once stuck on, they produce a small explosion capable of disabling and destroying locks (and your jaw, if you accidentally eat one).

  • The Travel Kit - A kit of travel essentials containing the following gadgets:
    • Retainer - Works as a personal listening device with frequency, direction, and volume controlled by the tongue.
    • Spy Pen - Switches around to become a grappling hook.
  • Yo-yo - Splits in half and has enough strength to open elevator doors. Also includes a suction cup.
  • Flashlight/Torch - Diaz's weapon. Extends to become a mobile rocket launcher with an optional crosshair.
  • Clarinet - The clarinet is rigged electronically to be able to play pieces of music. It is used so it would seem that Cody could play the clarinet as well as the other prodigies.
  • Cody's Watch - The watch has a small color screen and a very small lens capable of recording a video with full sound playback, as well. Emily's sunglasses mimic the function with the information transferred to an mp3 player which is then plugged in to an external source such as a TV for playback.