Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Simpsons gadgets galore!

Simpsons gadgets galore!

Homer and the family hit the silver screen this weekend. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up all the best Simpsons gadgets worthy of your doh!

Splash out on this themed version of WowWee’s robosapien and watch a (strangely muscular) Homer of your very own wander the house, mutter catch phrases and dance at your command. It’s one of the most advanced robots around, and although its voice is a bit off the mark, definitely looks the part.

Doughnut makerSimpsons doughnut maker
Mmmm. Doughnuts. Slap this baby down on your worktop and you’ll be making sweet treats in minutes. Six ‘nuts will cook in under 10 minutes, and the whole thing can be wiped clean after you’ve had your fill!

Pizza cutterBottle opener / Pizza cutter
Talking gadgets are great, but even better when they aid your quest for beer and pizza! Grab these two kitchen essentials for an extremely reasonable £15 and add some mirth to your munch.

8BallMagic 8-ball
Let the Simpsons make your decisions! Yes, it’s exactly the same as every other 8-ball out there, but at least you can say “Homer made me do it” next time you’re collared in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Homer ClockBackwards Simpson clock
Tell the time just like Homer – Backwards! This mind-bending time keepers’s guaranteed to confuse, at least at first glance, but then that’s the point. Check it out, it’s only a tenner!

OperationSimpsons Operation
No, it’s not the most high-tech game going, but for a hearty dose of Simpson-based family fun it’s definitely worth sticking on your shopping list. Packed full of hilarious phrases, you’re sure to have a ball operating on Homer’s Bowler's Thumb, Foot in Mouth, Rubber Neck or Trick Knee. It’s enough to bring out the Dr Hibbert in you.

XboxHomer-themed Xbox
These are rarer than an unopened bottle of Duff in the Simpson household, but if you can get hold of one of Microsoft’s specially painted Xbox 360s you’ll have earned the right to call yourself a true Simpsons megafan. Inside you’ll find all the usual Xbox gubbins, so no Elite-esque HDMI or bumper hard disk, but then what price individuality, eh?

SofaInflatable Sofa
Hardly the classiest addition to a lounge, but this blow-up sofa’s got to be one of the comfiest. Veg out, Homer-style, before deflating your comfy chair to stash it out of sight!

RadioShower Radio
Wash out, tune in! This Homer-shaped shower buddy will pump out AM or FM tunes to accompany your daily scrub down. The perfect way to start a Simpson-themed day!

Ice BucketTalking Ice Bucket
The ideal place to keep your Duff (or any other brand of beer for that matter) cool, this seven-inch ice bucket treats your tastebuds as well as your ears – spitting out a classic Homer-ism each time you lift the lid!

PhoneHomer Phone
Phone home! Or should that be phone Homer? Formed to look like everyone’s favourite layabout, this fun-phone’ll let you dial up a pizza, call in sick for work or even prank the local bar Bart-style.

DoorbellHomer Door Bell
Herald the arrival of your visitors with a holler from Homer! This wireless door chime will let you know mates have arrived in the most comical way – with a classic Simpsons quote! It’s technology put to its finest, and funniest use!

PinballPinball machine
For the serious (and seriously loaded) Simpson fan, their very own pinball machine is a must. Slap the paddles and batter your way to retro victory, all accompanied by Springfield-themed lights, sounds and animation!


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