Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gadgets in Movies Galore ~ Spy Kids

Spy kids follows the typical "Bond Formula" you could expect from a spy genre movie. What i like about spy kids is that it incorporates all the typical spy action in a movie without the blood and intense sex scenes that you typically see in a spy movie. Granted this makes a movie a whole lot more interesting, you can still get the same feeling without all of the violence and nudity. You still get two kids trying to stop a villain from taking over the world. Spy kids has all the cool gadgets, women, villains, and constant action you can see in any spy related movie. Two kids find out their parents are spies for a secret government agency and they become involved in a governement conspiracy against their parents. It becomes up to them to save their parents and the world. The kids use their wits and gadgets to outsmart the evil villain and government and save the day. This may not as much action, blood, and violence, but it definetely puts a new label on what a spy is and what they are capable of doing.


regina said...

Kids with lots of gadgets and gizmos are so cool to befriend. Hahaha!

erikko said...

all i know is Antonio Banderas is one of the actors in a Spy movie right

sexy actor

Inspector Gadget said...

haven't watched this at all LOL