Monday, November 12, 2007

Knight Rider Car

You Are Micheal Knight!


The series may have finished 21 years ago but Micheal Knight and his ever so slightly camp car still hold sway with many a retro TV fan.

Now you can recreate the action without having to reverse out of a Lorry while doing 60MPH.

This faithful reproduction of the classic Pontiac Trans-Am instantly evokes nostalgic memories of LED speedo’s and Turbo Boost enhanced jumps.

You get full left, right, forward and backward movements as well as a Turbo Boost function.

The front red sensor sweeps left to right and the remote control is accompanied by a button which activates the voice of Kit himself.


With new movies and one off shows rumored to be in the pipeline why not get a head start on the action and at less than £30 it would make a great stocking filler for old skool junkies.

Available now from Firebox for £29.95


erikko said...

what a cool car you got there dude

sexy actor

regina said...

Hope I can have RC car like that.

khayce said...

one of the coolest car i've ever seen. .