Thursday, November 15, 2007

Must have movie gadget for christmas

My guess is that you are and you’re probably looking for that gift for someone to give you for the holidays that you would not ordinarily buy for yourself. Well, Think GEEK has a Touchscreen Cell Phone/PDA Wristwatch that just meets that criteria. It’s the kind of device that would be cool to have if you love phones and gadgets! This is an irresistible Dick Tracy style Watch/Phone that you can insert your existing SIM card into the back of the the device. Call yourself and it will just work … cool!

The Touchscreen Cell Phone Wristwatch has a great feature set considering it’s small size. Of course you can make and receive calls (dial by pulling the tiny included stylus from the side of the watch and tapping the numbers on the screen) but you can also play MP3 files, watch movies, store hundreds of phone numbers and send SMS messages and enter schedules or notes with basic handwriting recognition. With 60 Meg of built in storage, you’re not going to get tons of media onto the watch but it’s sweet that it can do it. We find the volume of the built in speakerphone to be a bit low, so we recommend using the included bluetooth headset or wired headphones for best performance (any other bluetooth headset will work as well). You get two batteries, and the watch charges off of USB or the included wall adapter. Connect to USB on your computer to access the file contents of the watch in disk mode.


regina said...

Wow! A combination of cellphone and wristwatch. Very cool!

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khayce said...

a wristwatch and a touch screen cellphone in one?! soo cool. . too expensive for a gift! hehe

erikko said...

it had been a fad for touchscreen gadgets but i just only heard about merging a mobile phone and a wristwatch

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ac said...

A touch screen watch! This is totally awesome. Just when I thought everything under the sun was invented, this happens. If you need batteries for all types of gadgets and electronics check out

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