Monday, December 17, 2007

Fender Wayne's World Stratocaster: Wayne's Dream Guitar Review on sale

Product: Fender Wayne's World Stratocaster
Price Paid: USD 295 USED
Submitted 11/19/2007 at 07:24pm by 80's Rule

Features : 8

The best feature of this guitar are the vintage like cream color of the body which is Alder. Nice weight to it and the bridge is a really good quality, nice saddles and solid. The neck is a 62 neck with relly good feel and has nice F logo tuners. Stays in tune very well. As for the pickups in this guitar they are pretty weak, probably due to the crappy electronics in this guitar. Change out the pots to CTS and put a good 5 way and jack in it and you'll have as good a sound that you'll get in any Strat 5-600 dollars.
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Sound : 8
The number one thing that got me when I saw this guitar was the amazing quality of the body and neck. As for the sound you'll never know how good these pickups are until you swap out the crappy pots and all other electronics. This is where Fender decided to save money. Which for the quality of the Alder body, Maple neck, first rate bridge and tuners. Fair trade. But back to the sound, I swapped out the pickguard and everything attached to it with a Warmoth Anaconda pickguard and coupled it with the Fender 68 pickups. Which by the way are the exact pickups on the Hendrix Voodoo Strat. I also installed CTS 250k pots and a Sprague capacitor. Sound? Oh my God!!! Jimi would approve! Intense. Fat punchy lows and the mids are just smoooth. The highs are bright and direct. Not whinny at all. Voodoo child all the way. So since I made this sound tits It scores an 11. But stock? With good pots and switches a good 8.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 10
I bought guitar used and it was already set up pretty decent. I think I got lucky with this guitar. The neck plays as well as my American and is true. Awesome neck. The bridge is first rate and has the good saddles. The tuners are the Fender F logo, and stay in tune all day. I also cant stop being in awe of the quality of this Alder body and the bitchin vintage color they painted it.
Reliability/Durability : 10
This guitar is very well made. It can withstand any gig or concert. But if you abuse a rock it will break. I did replace the strap buttons with Dunlop locks. I'm sure the originals were fine but I customize everything. Ask my wife her bolt ons cost more than my guitars!!!

Customer Support : No Opinion
None needed.

Overall Rating : 9
Even if I bought an American strat I would have done the same things to that guitar as I did this one. It has a rock solid body, excellent paint job, great maple neck, great tuners and a first class bridge. Thats why I look for great quality Mexican or Japan strats. I for the most part hate all Fender stock electronics, American or not. So I'll rate this one a 9 for the fact that I had to make it the way I wanted it.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


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as far as im concerned, Fender is one of the most expensive guitar brands i know

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