Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gadgets Every Male Should Have

I found an article at Gizmodo that I thought was very witty. Years after years, we think that flying cars should exist in the year 2000 - 7 years after, we’re still very much on the ground. I remember as a kid drawing cars to a competition where the theme was “In the year 2000″. This was back in 1989 or so….Look at us now. Not much of a big deal cos despite the gadgets we have today there are still some that we thought we oughta have but is still missing.

And here’s a list of 10 assembled by the Gizmodians:


1. X Ray Vision Glasses - we’ve been wanting to see through walls and other people’s clothes for a long time.


2. Time Machine - This gadget might look familiar if you’ve watched Napoleon Dynamite :P We’ve all wanted to go back in time and change that one little thing that could change everything, don’t we?


3. Rosie - The Jetson’s robotic maid. We’ve created a hand but not an entire body that’s as charming as Rosie.

4. Invisibility cloaks/clothes - There are times when you want to go into invisible mode just so your story that you’ve died and can’t go to work today works.


5. Light Sabre - come on…who wouldn’t want to have these? They’re better than Tasers.

6. Solar Powered Car - We do have the technology for it but some unscrupulous ppl would rather die than see this become a reality. After all, it’s alright to pollute the earth a bit more since the monetary gains are worth it. Isn’t it, Shrubs?\


7. Holodeck - It would be super cool to be able to transform your room/garage into Tahiti on a cold winter’s day.


8. Flying Cars - Bye bye jams….where the hell are these babies? We’re suppose to have flying cars by the year 2000. We’re back by 7 years already, sheesh!


9. Hoverboard - Back to the Future’s hoverboard is a dream for many kids then. Then. Today it’d be a menace but we still want to see them made. At least then, we might be closer to getting a flying car.

10. Lastly one Gadget I Usually don't need personally but most men need is *Ahem* Enlarger Pump - uhm….enough said.


regina said...

That hoverboard is so cool!

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Nitheesh said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!

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